Service Partners

GreenCity Power and its energy service partners deliver integrated and sustainable energy solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional customers.


Greenleaf Advisors is a consulting and transaction-services firm that builds sustainable enterprises and communities by bridging them to the resources and strategies they need to develop in a healthy way. Greenleaf Advisors is helping to commercialize several leading energy service providers as well as advance demand management solutions to enhance energy efficiencies and economics with some of the largest real estate owners and operating companies.


Intelligent Generation (IG) has developed a software service that elevates solar systems’ performance and economics when associated with an energy storage system. IG combines the intelligence of customers’ local energy situations into a networked solution, and then provisions that network of batteries to grid operators as a reliable, predictable, and valuable source of power.

GreenCity Power is a participant of:


GreenCity Power helps provide resiliency and energy security to the healthcare sector.  They have presented on resiliency at CleanMed Conferences with Health Care Without Harm.