Customer Benefits

GreenCity Power designs, builds, owns operates and provides the capital to install clean-burning natural gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) systems in office buildings, hospitals, hotels, small industrials and select condo/apartment buildings.  GCP is focused on building long-term partnerships to deliver a portion of our customer’s electric, thermal and chilling loads by installing a customized on-site CHP solution.

Customer Value Proposition

  • Increased Profitability, increase building net income
  • Increased Power Resiliency, seamless integration with existing energy sources & add on-site backup power
  • Greener Building, cut Building’s carbon footprint & enhance Energy Star Rating & LEED Certification
  • No cost to customer, after contract execution
  • No Operations & Maintenance Riskengine


GCP’s systems use only proven technologies and work in conjunction with our customer’s existing utility infrastructure, thereby enhancing their power reliability and redundancy. We’ve streamlined the process to minimize the demands on our customer’s time allowing us to accelerate time to value-realization.